Goddess of the Sea Bracelet 7”

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Designed with Sea Sediment Jasper, Amethyst and Mermaid Couture Charm

Sea Sediment Jasper is a gemstone of stability. It is said to be a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to wear. Because the Jasper stone is so common and known for its abilities to heal, it's known as the “supreme nurturer”.

Amethyst is one of the most common crystals. It is a powerful and protective crystal with a very high spiritual vibration. It protects against psychic attack, converting the negative energy into love. This crystal is a natural tranquilizer, helping block stress and insomnia. Amethyst opens intuition and psychic gifts, making it an excellent stone for meditation. It can be placed over the third eye to stimulate it.

Source: The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall