Chakra Balancing Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet Set
Chakra Balancing Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet Set
Chakra Balancing Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet Set
Chakra Balancing Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet Set

Chakra Balancing Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet Set

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Includes complimentary 20 minute Chakra Balance Analysis call with Cristy Cali, DMs, CHLC $99 value!

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  • Internationally sourced gemstones
  • Sterling silver "Cristy Cali" charm
  • Handcrafted with love by Cristy Cali


Metaphysical Properties

Crown Chakra - Amethyst

Emma this is an extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibration. It's gonna take and psychic attack, transmitting the energy and to love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environment energies. It's serenity and enhances higher state of consciousness and meditation. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing power, and it has a spiritual awareness.

Traditionally, it was worn to prevent drunkenness and has a sobering affect on overindulgence and physical passions, supporting sobriety. It overcomes addictions and blockages of all kinds. Use at a higher level, amethyst opens to another reality.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding. Mentally it helps you feel less scattered, more focused and in control of your faculties. It enhances the assimilation of new ideas and connects cause with effect.

Mentally and calms and synthesizes, and aids in the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It is helpful where insomnia is caused by an overactive mind and protects against recurrent nightmares. Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation, making you more able to set realistic goals.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine, giving insights into its true nature, and encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It opens intuition and enhance a psychic gifts. This is an excellent stone for meditation and can be placed on the third eye to stimulate it. Sleeping with amethyst facilitates out of body experiences and brings intuitive dreams. It translates "lower "energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and etheric realms. 

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite

Sodalite unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information form the higher mind down to the physical level. This stone stimulates the pineal gland in the third eye and deepens meditation. When in satellite enhanced meditation, the mind can be used to understand the circumstances in which you find yourself. The stone and steals a drive for truth and can urge toward idealism, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.

Satellite clear is electromagnetic pollution and can be placed on computers to block their emanations. It is helpful for people who are sensitive to "sick building syndrome quote or to electromagnetic smog. This is a particularly useful stone for group work, as it brings harmony and solidarity of purpose. It stimulates trust and companionship between members of the group, encouraging independence.

An excellent stone for the mind, satellite illuminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage. It encourages rational sight objectivity, truth, and intuitive perception, together with the verbalization of feelings. As it comes to mind, it allows new information to be received. Satellite stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid my sites, creating space to put new insights in practice.

Psychologically, this stone brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It can transform as offensive and oversensitive personality, releasing the core fears, phobias, guilt, and control mechanisms that hold you back from being who you really are. It in Hanses self-esteem, self acceptance, and self trust. Satellite is one of the stones that bring shadow qualities up to the surface to be excepted without being judged.

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

Throat Chakra - Blue Howlite

Howite is an extremely calming stone. Placed under the pillow, it is an excellent antidote to insomnia, especially when this is caused by an overactive mind. 

Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions, opening a tournament and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insights. It assists Journeys out of the body and accessing past lives. Focusing your site into a piece of how I can transport you to another time or dimension. Placed on the third eye, it opens memories of other lives, including those in the "between life "state and spiritual dimensions.

Howlite formulates ambitions, both spiritual and material, and aids in achieving them. Psychologically howlite teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger. A piece placed in the pocket absorbs your own anger and any that is directed toward you. It also helps to overcome a tendency toward criticalness and selfishness, strengthening positive character traits.

Howlite Steals the mind and is excellent for sleep or meditation. It allows for calm and reason communication to take place. This stone strengthens memory and stimulates a desire for knowledge. It can calm turbulent emotions, especially those that have passed life causes. It releases the strings that tie all the motions to present life triggers. 

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity. Wearing a venturing absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution. Taped to a cell phone, it acts as a protection against its emanations. This crystal diffusers negative situations and turns them around.

Psychologically, Aventurine reinforces leader ship qualities and decisiveness. It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. It takes you back into the past to find sources of dis-ease. 

This stone relieve steamers and severe neurosis, bringing understanding of what lies behind the condition. Adventuring stabilizes one state of mind, stimulates perception, and enhance his creativity. It sees Alternatives and possibilities, especially those president by other people. This stone brings together the intellectual and emotional bodies. I've been touring combs anger and irritation.

It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living with one's own heart. Physically auditory promotes a feeling of well-being. It regulates growth from birth to seven years. It balances male-female energies and encourages regeneration of the heart. Spiritually, Aventuine protects the heart chakra, guarding against psychic vampirism of heart energy. 

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow Jasper

Jasper is known as the "supreme nurture." It's a stains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Used in healing, unifies all aspects of your life. Jasper reminds people to help one another.

Specifically, yellow jasper protects during spiritual work and physical travel. It channels positive energy, making me feel physically better, and energizes the endocrine system. Yellow jasper stimulates the solar plexus chakra. It releases toxins and heals digestion and the stomach. Position on your forehead, chest, throat, wrist, or even place over pain until it eases.

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

Sacral Chakra - Orange Aventurine

  • Helps you become present to your feelings and emotions
  • Enhances feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, and contentment
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Allows you to discover the simple pleasures of life
  • Energetically supports you while you’re overcoming emotional traumas
  • Creates moments for sacred pause and reflection
  • Increases feelings of personal freedom and encourages exploration
  • Aids you in decision making
  • Helps you overcome blocks to your creativity and encourages you to tap into hidden talents
  • Encourages you to enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Promotes celebration and appreciation of your relationships
  • Helps you find the treasures, gifts, and lessons in difficult situations
  • Encourages inner reflection and silences your inner critic
  • Assists in shadow work
  • Enhances your intellect and feelings of personal wisdom
  • Allows you to discover and appreciate your personal strengths
  • Helps to calm intense emotions
  • Facilitates guided meditation journeys and visualizations
  • Encourages you to speak your true feelings
  • Increases physical and emotional vitality and resilience
  • Enhances confidence and instills feelings of courage and bravery
  • Helps you find inner stillness during meditation

Source: Love And Light School


Root Chakra - Red Agate

Formed from microscopic crystals of courts lay down in bands, this is a very stable Kristal. Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy.

Agate has the power to harmonize Ying and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. A soothing and calming stone, I could work slowly but brings great strength. It's multiple layers can bring hidden information to light. 

Psychologically, Agate gently facilitates acceptance of one's self. This builds self-confidence. It aids self-analysis and perception of hidden circumstances , bringing to your attention any dis-ease that is interfering with your well-being. 

Agates enhance mental function as they improve concentration, perception, and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions. Agate's love of truthfulness encourages speaking one's own truth. 


 Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)