New Moon Wellness Intention Party 7/18/2020

The New Moon Wellness Intention Party took place on Saturday, July 18th at Cristy's family's Magazine Street home. This was an intimate and fun-filled evening to educate attendees about how to live in rhythm with the lunar calendar by harnessing the moon's energy to live a more harmonious life with Mother Earth.

In addition, special guest speakers included Michelle Wilcox and Gena Scobel, representatives of Young Living to educate attendees about the healing power of essential oils. Several samples of essential-oil infused products such as massage oils, household cleaners and hand sanitizers were available to test. 

We would like to thank our friends at Raw Republic, located at 4528 Magazine Street, for sponsoring this event by donating several samples of their delicious cold-pressed juices. All of our guests enjoyed them and we hope to have inspired an interest in the health benefits of raw & cold-pressed juices. 

Special thanks to Miss Sophia Simon and Zoe Skelton of Anti-Gravity Salon for Cristy's fabulous mermaid hair & makeup transformation! Sophia also volunteered herself to be the night's virtual hostess for all of our ZOOM attendees! 

Thank you to all attendees for making this a memorable evening! We appreciate each one of you for coming out to enjoy and celebrate life with us!

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  • The outfits are fantastic. Looks like a great time for all. Thanks for sharing.

    Sherri McClintock

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