I am so happy Cristy Cali opened a store. I discovered her creations several years ago in a travel magazine about New Orleans. At the time I was a displaced New Orleanian. Her jewelry, the charms in particular,  brought a part of my home town to me. My husband never has to wonder about what to get me for any occasion,  as I have a wish list ready.  Now that I've moved back home, being able to visit her store is wonderful. Meeting Cristy there, I was not surprised by how warm and welcoming she was. She is a genuine and friendly woman with a generous spirit.
Go, visit her store! You will not be disappointed!

Maria L.

Cristy is delightful and so is her jewelry!! it is fun, fresh and playful and you just want to take it all home!
Each piece represents a little piece of Cristy, and once you are know her, you immediately see that little something something in every design she much love and heart goes into every creation. It's not just about business to Cristy .... it's about so much more
beauty, peace, love which are all bountiful at Cristy Cali New Orleans.

Sharon B.

I have been shopping Cristy Cali since 2014 or 2015. I love the quality of her jewelry and the meaning behind each piece! I've experienced customer service on Facebook, the website, and the store on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Her love of her customers and their support of her business shows in every encounter I've had and seen. I've recommended her jewelry to all of my friends and fully support Cristy's mission, vision, and business and will be a customer and supporter for life! When I wear Cristy Cali Jewelry I feel closer to New Orleans where so many great things in my life have happened, not to mention Louisiana is my other home.

Ashley A.

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